WELL Building Standard

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Learning Objectives:

  • Audience will gain an understanding of how the WELL Building Standard is structured so that they can begin to analyze how it can fit into their design and project management process.
  • Audience will learn the 7 Concepts of WELL and why those concepts are important to measure in the built environment for health and wellness.
  • Audience will be able to identify common health hazards that can be avoided using the WELL Building Standard.
  • Audience will begin to develop a strategy for introducing WELL to their clients. 


  1. Introduction to the WELL Building Standard
    • Who created WELL and why it was created
    • Explanation of 7 WELL Concepts and their relationship to health, wellness and the built environment
    • Basic structure of the rating system
    • Basic structure of certification process and a peak at cost and ROI
  2. Introduction to the WELL Building Standard Features
    • Delve into architectural based features within each of the 7 concept areas
      • Describe the feature’s intent, requirements, and possible solutions
  3. WELL Building Case StudiesDiscussion/Question Period
    • Review 3-4 different projects that have utilized the WELL Building Standard in different ways
      • WELL Hospital wings, WELL hotel suites, WELL Offices, etc
    • Discuss ways to use these example projects to communicate with future clients
  4. Discussion/Questions








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