WOSU Request for Qualifications

Campus Partners, an affiliate of The Ohio State University, is requesting proposals for architectural design services for WOSU. The new home for WOSU is expected to be a state of the art, digitally functional operation that addresses the future of broadcast media. The new building will be about 63,000 gross square feet and 55,000 sf of fit out for new studios, content production area, administrative and staff workplace and support space. A preliminary program and concept plan has been completed. It anticipates four stories plus basement with a first floor mezzanine.
  • The WOSU Building will be located at the northeast corner of 14th Avenue and Pearl Alley in Columbus, Ohio on a site of approximately 11,000 sf. The proposed site is included within the master plan of east of High Street.
  • Entrance off the corner of 14th and Pearl Alley and visible from 14th Avenue and High Street. The first level facing Pearl Street should provide a public connection engaging the street.
  • Architectural style that integrates with the historic civic spaces on the west side of High Street and the rest of the 15+HIGH development.
  • Synergies are seen between performance venues in Ohio State University's Arts District and WOSU programming.
  • A new parking garage is planned approximately 300 ft. north of the proposed site.
Interested firms can apply by accessing the full Request for Proposals. For more information, click here.

2017 President's Award Winner

2017 President's Award Recipient

Timothy Hawk, FAIA

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"Each year, our board of directors bestows the President's Award to a person in recognition of their service to the chapter.  This year's recipient is, in my mind, the consummate professional and leader.  He seems to have been born into the profession, drank the Kool-Aid as a kid, and in the best way possible, walked the walk ever since.  He has connected us with the larger professional universe and brought us to the attention of that universe.  He has encouraged us to become more intelligent, and grow, and chart new territory.  He's a cool head in a crisis, has counseled us and talked us down from the edge on many occasions.  He loves to drive and talk on a road trip.  He's been a great mentor and friend.  I don't know if he's an Eagle Scout, but he kinda seems that type.  I'm pretty sure he'll be president of the United States someday.  Tim Hawk, our President's Award goes to you."

- Joseph Moss, AIA Columbus 2017 Chapter President

Stories of Architects

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October 2, 2018 at The Center for Architecture and Design.

5:00 | Reception

5:30 | Presentation

Come and enjoy an hour of storytelling from local architects and learn all about what the Diversity by Design committee and what we do.

Featuring: Tim Lai, AIA, and Eliza Ho

Tim Lai is a licensed architect (State of Ohio) with 15 years of professional experience. He received a Master of Architecture from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture), a professional school in Los Angeles and moved to Columbus to develop his career. Since 2001, he has worked on various commercial, institutional and health care projects in the U.S. and overseas. In 2010, Tim started his own practice to focus on local and regional projects. He has since built a reputation for his creative, elegant and functional design.

An advocate for design and architecture, Tim has served the board at Center for Architecture and Design since 2014 and is currently Center’s treasurer of Board of Trustees. During his tenure, he initiated Design Talk, a program to engage architects, designers, and the general public on topics related buildings and built-environments in Columbus. In 2016, Tim and Design Talk team produced an 18-minute short documentary, Stories of Architecture, that features well-beloved buildings in Columbus. It was followed by a second documentary with the same name in 2017.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Eliza Ho came to the United States for graduate studies at The Ohio State University in 2000. After receiving her Master’s degree in Art History, Eliza, in addition to continuing her doctoral studies, ventured into curating exhibitions, publishing, and organizing community art projects. In 2010, she joined forces with Tim Lai to establish Tim Lai ArchitecT. Since then, her primary focuses are client relations, interior design, and product procurement.  

In 2011, Tim and Eliza co-founded a community-based organization, ALTernative (ALT), to promote the use of art and design to enhance the community’s quality of life. In 2014, their neighborhood beautification project, Ohio Birds Mural, won the President’s Award from Columbus Landmarks Foundation. has since partnered with ADAMH (Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Board of Franklin County) on multi-year mural program. Its mission of using public art to open up conversations on individual’s and community’s well beings has resulted in 6 community murals located in Columbus, Westerville, Dublin and Whitehall. In addition to mural art, ALT also collaborated with community groups such as Boys and Girls Clubs and Local Matters in designing and implementing neighborhood gardens.

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