Future City Competition

2016 Future City Ohio Region Competition

AIA Columbus encouraged design excellence and craftsmanship at the annual middle-school Future City Ohio Region Competition by sponsoring a Best Architectural Model Special Award. AIA Columbus was well represented at the competition, where two Chapter Past Presidents, Monica Wangler, AIA, Senior Associate of NBBJ, and Peter Macrae, AIA, Principal of Macrae ARCHitecture, LLC, served as volunteer judges. AIA members have been integral to the competition for many years since a Chapter member was added to the Steering Committee approximately 10 years ago. Prior to that, the cities and its buildings were designed without an architectural sensibility...now students study recent urban design and building design award winners to understand the role that Architect's play in collaboration with engineers to the design of the urban fabric of our cities. The competition brought together thirteen middle-school teams from across Ohio to present their innovative ideas for a city 80 years in the future. The students took into account transportation, energy, food sources, waste, and many more aspects and utilized design software, SimCity, and built physical models out of recycled materials. This annual competition gives students the opportunity to be creative about futuristic possibilities, to work as a team, and to explore design, engineering, building, science, and research skills. 

Genoa Middle School won the state title and will head to D.C. in February to present their vision of a future city and compete against other teams from across the country. 

Read the full article on the competition from the Columbus Dispatch, here.

 Lakewood Middle School : Winning team of the Best
Architectural Model, sponsored by AIA Columbus.
 Oakwood Middle School : Honorable mention team for Best
Architectural Model, sponsored by AIA Columbus

Future City Judges
One of the judging teams including Peter Macrae, AIA.

Photos courtesy of Carol Fallet, Fallet Photography.



September 2010 President's Blog: Diversity Update

by Peter Macrae, AIA - AIA Columbus 2010 Chapter President

We AIA Columbus architects are a diverse bunch, differentiated in numerous ways outside of the standard human rights categories of ethnicity, race or gender that you regularly see in the news. Some of us are detail-oriented, others are generalists. We have colleagues that specialize in specification writing, contracts, conceptual design theory, drafting details, marketing, teaching, office management and the business financials (boy that one sure isn’t me). As architects we are also known by the building types that have become our specialty such as hospitals, educational facilities, residential, commercial office, municipality, hospitality, retail and others. Then there are the disciplinary categories where we tend to focus like urban planning, interiors, historic restoration and sustainability. I could go on, but you get it.

The point here is that even with our natural tendency to drift toward specialization and personal preference in the way we choose to practice and in spite of the fact that we compete daily for work and recognition we are all architects, we are all members of AIA Columbus and we all in this together.

As a professional organization, we must think broadly and celebrate our member diversity by constantly thinking beyond our individual interest areas. In order to make our Chapter as relevant as possible we must nurture our more than 600 highly individualized members by advocating for them and bringing value. Thus, we at the Columbus Chapter of the American Institute of Architects are called upon as individuals and as a group to minister to each other, support one another, guide, teach, partner, collaborate…you name it. AT AIA COLUMBUS…WE GOT YOUR BACK.


One step at a time, with a little help from you

by Timothy Hawk, AIA - 2009 AIA Columbus President 

As we enter Spring, all kinds of new activities are popping up around the AIA Columbus office.  And, there is plenty of room for your volunteer support of the Chapter’s new endeavors.
Most of you are aware that the chapter board of directors has taken action towards the creation of a new Center for Architecture.  As a part of this process, there are several task forces working towards the goal of a new, fully functioning Center for Architecture.  Believe me, this endeavor is going to take some time, and it will take the support of many of you as volunteers as well.  The journey has just begun and there is a lot of opportunity for you to help shape this new place...a place that will serve to represent all of us, collectively.
So, what has been done so far and what is left to do?

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"Up the Service - Up the Value"

July President's Blog
by Peter S. Macrae, AIA
2010 AIA Columbus Chapter President

In these challenging economic times, nothing is more important to an Architectural firm than retaining and nurturing our current clients. Long term relationships are the lifeblood of our industry…we depend on the loyalty of our existing client base to sustain us and therefore, we want to do whatever we can to increase our value quotient in their eyes. AIA firms must strive to understand their clients’ businesses so that the facilities that we design on their behalf serve to augment their business goals and objectives. We must focus on achieving results and demonstrating increased efficiency and profits on their behalf.

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2009: Diversity of Practice

For the 2009 AIA Columbus year, we have selected to utilize our monthly meetings to focus on the diverse and expanding role of the architect.  Believe it or not, most graduates from architecture programs of study are not practicing in the traditional manner. Really.  Think about it.  We represent owner’s interests, we design products, we take on project management roles, we build and construct, we consult regarding sustainability, we teach, we develop, and we design.  The profession is diverse.  And our culture demands that we stand up and embrace the evolving role of the architect.  We are many things, let’s celebrate it.

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