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The time to act is right now!  As we have been expecting, the House Ways and Means Committee has removed historic tax credits, during the tax reform process. 
We are in a national campaign to Save Historic Tax Credits.  Everyone who has used these credits or benefited from these credits needs to act now.
We realize the importance of national tax reform. But we also think the tax credits that work for American communities, which have proven to provide a positive return should be retained.
Save Historic Tax Credits
The federal historic tax credit was not included in the leadership's outline for tax reform. In Ohio historic tax credits have revitalized communities, stimulated economic growth, created jobs and preserved history. Here are some compelling statistics:
  • In Ohio, from 1976 to 2016, there have been 1,898 completed projects equaling a total investment of $4,091,824,967.
  • In Ohio, from 2012 to 2016, total rehabilitation costs equaled $1,392 billion.
  • In Ohio, from 2012-2016, historic tax credits created 24,616 jobs.
Let your voice be heard. Act now. Let your congressman and the House Ways and Means Committee know the importance of historic tax credits. Contact:
  1. Your congressman 
  2. Senator Rob Portman 
  3. Congressmen  Tiberi and Renacci, members of House Ways and Means Committee
Ask them to put Historic Tax Credits back in, tell your story, tell what you've seen and experienced, let them know this is a vital tool for Ohio.  It allows Ohio communities to compete with coast for talent, and investments.

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