2012 AIA National Convention

In May, representatives from AIA Columbus traveled to Washington DC to attend the AIA National Convention. Our Executive Director, Gwen Berlekamp, who sits on the CACE Executive Committee was even asked to attend a White House briefing with representatives from the current administration address issues facing architects and the building industry as a whole. Besides having the opportunity to advocate for architects at the national level, several Bylaws ammendments were voted upon, as well as some newly elected officers. 

For more information about the goings-on at the convention, visit the AIA National Website

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Legislative Action Alert

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You are in a unique position to personally make an impact – Senator Portman has been appointed to serve on the tax bill conference committee. We need you to make your voice heard NOW, as the timing is critical to impact the final bill.
The AIA is calling on Congress to fully restore the Historic Preservation Tax Credit and ensure that architects are treated fairly by allowing small architecture firms to take advantage of the lower tax rates available to other small businesses. As a constituent of one of the conferees, you have the power to make the voice of architects heard loud and clear.
In Ohio historic tax credits have revitalized communities, stimulated economic growth, created jobs and preserved history. Here are some compelling statistics:
  • In Ohio, from 1976 to 2016, there have been 1,898 completed projects equaling a total investment of $4,091,824,967.
  • In Ohio, from 2012 to 2016, total rehabilitation costs equaled $1,392 billion.
  • In Ohio, from 2012-2016, historic tax credits created 24,616 jobs.
Let your voice be heard. Act now. Contact Senator Rob Portman today!
Tell your story, tell what you've seen and experienced, let them know this is a vital tool for Ohio.  For more information visit AIA National website. Also, you can read this memorandum and chart comparing the bills.